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Girly Dives 2024
Being organized second time in Turkey, we expect participation of women 15+ who has not experienced the magic of underwater and certified women divers.

The main theme of our event is to ensure that women over 15 years of age can do scuba diving as easily as men and that they realize their confidence and strength in this diving. At the same time, we invite you to our event, which aims to draw attention to the importance of protecting our underwater creatures and seas and the pollution caused by waste with the wastes that our women with diving certificates have removed from underwater.

With the courage and inspiration given by certified women divers with our project, we saw how all female diver candidates brought out the heroines in them in these 3 days.

We believe that our world will change with the increase in women's awareness!

Women who are aware of their strength and determination can touch the lives of other women and become role models for them.

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