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  • What should I do if I like discovery diving?

    If you participated in Dalsın Kızlar 2024 and the sea cast a spell on you, you can apply to Nereids Dive Center in Ankara or İstanbul ( You can have information on scuba diving certifications and benefit from special conditions for you as a Girly Dives participant.

    Girly Dİves is a continuous project. Women who will start scuba diving with Dalsın Kızlar 2024 and continues diving until Girly Dives 2025, will be supported continuously in Nereids Dive Center.

  • Is scuba diving tiring?

    Under normal conditions, scuba diving is not a demanding and strenuous sport. Actually civil scuba diving is a recreational underwater activity.

  • Who can dive?

    Anybody who is 15+ and not having health problems can dive. Please fill out health statement forms provided in our web page.

  • What is a discovery scuba diving (DSD)?

    Discovery scuba diving is made up to 5 m depth underwater to observe underwater life and practice usage of diving equipment. An instructor or a discovery diving expert under the supervision of an instructor can lead a discovery scuba diving.

  • Is the equipment heavy?

    The equipment is put on at shore or on boat then the instructors help diver to enter the water. Carrying the equipment underwater is not required hence no weight is felt.

  • Being a part of the team of Dalsın Kızlar…

    Dalsın Kızlar not only aims to introduce you to underwater but also gives you opportunity to progress your divings. Nereids Dive Center you have the opportunity to start from beginner’s level to highest instructor level.

    You can start as a participant of Dalsın Kızlar and in following years you can be a part of organization team and you can have certification that can make you one of women divers who will lead future Dalsın Kızlar participants to underwater.

    If you are 15+, we invite you to be your own hero!

  • Do you wish to know Nereids Dive Center?

    Nereids Dive Center is established in Antalya, Kaş on 27th April 2009. Following year The Center moved to Ankara, Gaziosmanpaşa and on 27th April 2018 moved to a complex holding its name in Ankara, Çayyolu. As of 19th April 2019, the branch office in İstanbul, Mecidiyeköy became active. Third branch is planned to be operational in April 2020 in Muğla, Fethiye.

    Nereids Dive Center is the only diving center adopted TSSF/CMAS and PADI standards together. Today The Center continues to educate and instruct divers, dive leaders and instructors both in Ankara and Istanbul following the lead of instructor Gaye Dülger.

    Nereids Dive Center and its branches offer diving trainings under TSSF/ CMAS and PADI standards, namely as specialty diver trainings, professional diver trainings regarding professionals and instructors, diving trainings for disabled people, first aid emergency trainings which is very important for us and instructor trainings.

    Nereids Dalış Merkezi

    Good Training- Diving Safe – Fun – Clean Environment

  • What does Nereids mean?

    50 daughters of old sailor Nereus and Oceanid Doris, the underwater nymphs Nereids live in silver caves at the sea bottom. They have fun with Triton and often accompany Poseidon. They run to the help of everybody above and underwater. They accompanied Europa to Crete who escaped from Zeus. They help sailors in the most dangerous passages. They rest on the shore and descend underwater. They dry their hair under the moonlight. They are always in pairs. The best known of them are Thetis and Amphitrite. In Iliad, it is told that all Nereids gathered for the request of mercy of Thetis from Achilles before the death of Patroclus.

    They have been painted riding various sea creatures (dolphin, sea monsters, hippocampi) in classical painting.

    In ancient art, they are often depicted on black Greek vases, in mourning dresses around Achilles’s deathbed. In later art movements they have been painted with sea creatures.

  • What is required to do to participate?

    Fill the Application Form in our website and confirm that you comply with the required conditions for application. The page will direct you to purchase. Organization fee is 240 TL including VAT. Diving, photo and video shootings, certificate ceremony, evening organization and breakfast on Sunday is included in the fee.

  • Girly Dives 2024

    You can follow our social media accounts and website to apply for Girly Dives 2024.

  • Who are CMAS and TSSF?

    All underwater activities which may vary by country, are inspected and conducted by the country’s own assigned federation. Moreover all the federations are affiliated to CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities).

    CMAS is founded in 1959 in Monaco in order to establish an international underwater discipline to be valid all over the world. One of its founders is the worldwide famous French oceanographer and naval officer Jacques Cousteau. All underwater activities in Turkey is governed by TSSF (Turkish Underwater Sports Federation). Training principles are classified and regulated by TSSF based on CMAS rules.

  • What is PADI?

    PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization. It is established in Illinois, USA in 1966. There are 6.600 registered diving centers, 137.000 registered divers and 27 million dive certificates in various languages around the world. PADI is a system which adopts high standards in the fields of safety, environment and customer’s satisfaction and renews itself continuously. PADI operates internationally based on a philosophy “trainee based system” with its service centers and delivery points. PADI has many international centers, 3 of which covers 30 countries in the European Norms zone (PADI Europe, PADI International Ltd and PADI Nordic).

  • What is PROJECT AWARE?

    PADI initiated Project Aware in 1989 to protect all the oceans. As of today, Project Aware realizes its mission using its own non- profit organization’s resources as a global movement.

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