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Project’s Name: Dalsın Kızlar 2020
Main Theme: Introducing women to underwater;
Encouragement and inspiration of certified women divers to diver candidates;
Supporting zero waste project; creating awareness for a plastic free life.
Event’s Date: 17 - 18 - 19 July 2020 / Marmaris
Target Group: 15+ women interested in underwater

17 July 2020 Friday

  • 14.00'- check-in to the hotel arranged for the organization;
  • 18.00-22.00 Marmaris Center – registration and activity;
  • Receiving original copies of registration forms and verifying documents.

18 July 2020 Saturday

  • 08:30 Departure from hotel;
  • 09:30 Meeting at the boat deck and heading to dive point;
  • 10:00 Arrival to dive point and briefing to all contributors;
  • 11:00 Divings Kick-off (total dive time is 30 minutes and each candidate will dive with an instructor); underwater cleaning dives by certified divers to attract attention to plastic waste; underwater promenade of candidates and shooting of photos and videos at 3 different underwater stations.
  • 13:00 Asking impressions of candidates who get back to boat, photo and video shooting, lunch, swimming and recreational activities, handing over the collected underwater waste to waste collector boat and emphasizing plastic and chemical pollution.
  • 16:30 Getting back to shore;
  • 17:00 Arrival to shore; greeting accompanying DJ performance, joy;
  • 18:00 Getting to hotel for cleaning and resting;
  • 19:00 Dinner organization;
  • 20:30 Meeting in Castle of Marmaris, ceremony for certificates and thank you plaques;
  • 22:00 Photo shooting;
  • 22:30 Getting to celebrations;
  • 23:00 Celebration of Dalsın Kızlar's success;

19 July 2020 Sunday

  • 09.00 Breakfast organization;
  • 09:30-13:00 Closing of the program following the breakfast with the participation of leader of Dalsın Kızlar, Gaye Dülger , organization team and participants.

* Transportation during the program will be made by vehicles provided by Marmaris Municipality.

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