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"Dalsın Kızlar" is realized for the first time in Marmaris last year at 19 – 20 – 21 July 2019 under the leadership of Diving instructor Gaye Dülger, organized by Nereids Dive Center and with collaboration of Marmaris Municipality.

Following “Dalsın Kızlar 2019”, witnessing the excitement, enthusiasm and happiness of women of 15 – 65 years old, we set out for "Dalsın Kızlar 2020".

We know the importance of introducing new people with underwater. Under the scope of this event which has taken place for the first time in Turkey, we brought together women 15+ who do not have previous diving experience with our certified women divers. We provided them basic diving instructions and led them to a unique underwater experience with the guidance of qualified leaders. Observing these women uncovering the heroes within with the inspiration and encouragement of certified women divers.

Our world will change with increasing awareness of women;

Women are both physically and mentally strong. There is no significant difference between men and women in scuba diving. Being aware of their strength and determination, women can touch other women’s lives and become their role models.

We invite every 15+ woman to become her own hero!

Our purpose was also drawing attention to underwater pollution caused mainly by plastic and chemical wastes and raising awareness to the pollution of underwater where 70% of oxygen in the air we breathe is produced. Our certified women divers who participated in Dalsın Kızlar 2019, collected some plastic wastes underwater. With this activity we support “zero waste” project carried out by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.  

On 18th July 2020, PADI Women’s Dive Day*, we will realize “Dalsın Kızlar 2020” with the same scope as last year, under the leadership of our instructor Gaye Dülger The organization will be made by Nereids Dive Center in Marmaris with contribution of Marmaris Municipality.

Dalsın Kızlar 2020, which contributes to PADI’s Project Aware**, aims attracting public attention, especially of women, hence making related activities sustainable. Participation of an increasing number of women at national and international levels in Dalsın Kızlar is our purpose to be heard well of women and environmental problems.


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